Rolamtech Synth Resources

Synth Sites

Harmony Central Synth Reviews
Synth Zone
Sonic State
The Gas Station
Sound On Sound
SOS Forums
Vintage Synth
Cubase.Net Forums
DarkSonus Forums
FutureProducers Forums
GearSlutz Forums
Rainer Buchty's Ensoniq ESQ1/SQ80 Resources replacement synth screen backlights
Roland Synth Manuals in Acrobat PDF format
Musicians', Artists' & Recordmakers' Superfine Hangout
Audio Related Internet Sites - massive collection of links

Synth Editors

Wouter van Beek's Waldorf Pulse Editor
Mark Strijbos' Oberheim Matrix Editor
Unity 2080 Roland JV Editor
FM Alive DX Manager


Christian Piano Improvisation
Central BPM Romanian Techno!
Giorgia's Blog
BBC News
UK Top 75 singles chart
Digital Spy UK TV Forums
UK TV Schedules
The Truck Driver's Gearchange
Gibson Research
Trend Micro Online virus scan
Live music bootlegs
Free Phone Unlocking
Phone Unlocking Info
Pay-Per-View Video Resource
Mutt Lange Music
Alternative guide to UK Food and Drink
Music Business Journal
The power behind pop
Xenomania / Brian Higgins interview
UK Telephone Preference Service - opt out of direct marketing calls
Check if your telephone number is registered with TPS
The amusing world of corporate IT
Not Powergoo
Bug Me Not
ColorMatch Remix
Red Hill PC Hardware Guide (brilliant history of PC Tech)
PDF Creator
Filezilla Open Source Windows FTP Client
Cnut Compilation
YM Rockerz
Interbook appointment system for booking Support Workers
Article SEO
European Hotels